We are looking for volunteers to help care for at our small private rescue center located on 1 acre in San Ramon, Alajuela. The priority is to provide for the safety and well-being of 40+ parrots. 



Other tasks might include: 

• Transport birds to the vet in Heredia (one hour away from the rescue)

• Cleaning carriers between uses.

• Occasional handfeeding of babies, sick/injured birds.

• Cleaning and tidying workspaces such as kitchen area and sidewalks.



• You will work in and around free-flying uncaged parrots inside and outside an aviary. They are social animals and might land on you. They may nip. It can be a busy, variable, and sometimes loud work environment.

• Noise associated with parrot squawking, chirping and flying.

• Must be able to bend, squat, kneel, push, pull, and walk on uneven surfaces;

• Must be able to work outside in a variety of weather conditions (rain, wind and heat)

What to bring:

Rubber boots.

Clothes that might get ruined.


Shift 1   9a.m. - 12p.m.

  • Rake aviaries, scrub feeding stations and perches.

  • Change water bowls

  • Prepare lunch and feed the parrots.

Shift 2   1p.m. - 4p.m.

  • Collect and distribute tree branches into all aviaries for enrichment

  • Replace bird perches,

  • Rake aviaries, scrub feeding stations/perches

  • Replace old perches with constructed new perches.